bristol to budapest to byron bay (guest post)

I became acquainted with the works of 21 year old English song writer George Ezra when he rose to fame in late 2014 with his hit single 'Budapest'.

Although this is not your typical karaoke song, it's a wicked track to lip-sync to, and I often found myself singing it in the shower.

For me, George's music and personality brings an old-world charm and a unique, eclectic vibe.

His album 'Wanted on Voyage' was inspired by a one-month solo travel through Europe. When I first sampled the album, the tracks on this album sounded more like a geography lesson than chart-topping songs to me, but I was surprised to find that Ezra's most famous song 'Budapest' was written about a city he had never even been to.

You see, Budapest was one city Ezra was meant to visit during his trip around Europe but never did (due to a bottle of rum and the Eurovision song contest in Malmö, Sweden). So Ezra decided to write a catchy, romantic, bluesy, folk/pop song—'Budapest'—which is what sparked my interest.

Upon first hearing the number, I immediately Googled him. I was shocked (and delighted) to find that he was a 19-year-old British boy singing the songs he wrote and not a 50-something-year-old man from New Orleans.

He has since made other music videos including one for his song 'Listen to the Man', which even features Sir Ian McKellan (yes, that's right, this guy has worked with Gandalf).

In all seriousness though, Ezra's heavy Bob Dylan, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie musical influence has led him to become one of my personal favourite singer-songwriters. He is the kind of spice that I think the mainstream pop music industry needs.

From humble beginnings (flipping burgers at Byron Bay's Splendour In The Grass music festival) to officially visiting Australia in the world tour of this album and achieving four Brit Award nominations, George has come a long way and I definitely want to see him live sometime in the near future. George Ezra’s witty lyrics, stunning voice and authentic bluesy sound has lead him very far and I personally look forward to seeing more of George Ezra in 2015.



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