role-playing riddled past

So, okay. When I mentioned in the Authors page that I had had 20 blogs in my lifetime, probably half of them were for role-playing. It wasn't even COOL role-playing with knights and sorcerers and epic guild wars.

It was about cats.

Warrior cats. (Based of the series by Erin Hunter. It's like Game of Thrones with cats.)

I wrote on a lot of other role-playing Warriors blogs. On my favourite, I was only an author and didn't actually run the blog, but I was lucky enough to be chosen to write an ongoing story with the blog founder. To give you an idea of what my writing style was like back then...

"It was a restless night in IslandClan. Ominous black clouds covered the sky, and no stars were in sight. The forest mingled with the scents of unfamiliar cats. Warriors stirred in their sleep, and night guards were more alert than ever. 

The ferns parted to reveal a small, cream-colored cat. She was completely unmoving, but her shivering paws betrayed the fact that she was alive. It was a cold night for the small cat. Leaf-bare was upon the Clan, and the tree that provided shelter from the wind was no more, for its leaves had shed...
[stuff here] had been hard for the small cat. An unkind mother and a harsh father, and littermates whom she would never fit in with because she was too small, too odd with a black-stained pelt, too much of a daydreamer that her family forgot she existed."

To be fair, I wasn't a horrible writer, even back then. This didn't stop me from cringing at spelling mistakes and 'interactions' with other role-players.

For me, characters have always existed outside of the page. It's like those annoying Tamagotchis we had when we were little (some of us may still have them); it doesn't matter whether you were popping out for lunch, your Tamagotchi continues living a life of its own and even DIES (which was really annoying when I was younger let me tell you), and you're not there to see it. That's all a book is. A glimpse into a world.

Or maybe I'm rambling and being totally child-like.

Maybe I like being child-like.

Maybe its a good thing.



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