this is worth a read

New year. 
New blog.
And a dramatic introduction.

19 blogs ago (Bear Blog being blog #20), little Jo Day sat behind daddy's work laptop at midnight (past bedtime) and surfed the internet as passionately as she surfed waves at the beach (so, not at all passionate. What can I say? I don't surf). 

Lip glittering with drool and eyes shining with reckless boredom, she stumbled across a pretty blog with lots of pictures of models and clothes, and she thought, I can do that. 

Thus began the epic quest to beat this teenage girl  with a, gosh darn, stylish blog. 

But now, reader, I'm a little older, a little wiser (20 blog years old). And I've decided I won't try to be like other popular blogs. Because then I find myself imitating their voice, and that sucks the fun out of writing. 

This blog may not seem conventional. But I promise it will be worth your time.