best male protagonist (the john green tag part ii)

If you don't know what this is about, see this post.

This was much easier than the last one. Also, MINOR SPOILERS. Read book! Then read post. Okie?


“Please stop. You're upsetting the black Santas.”―Quentin Jacobsen

Nat Wolff? Q? Whaaat.
Ah. John Green is very, very frustrating. Being a clever human and all, he knows exactly what kinds of characters pull us in and make us love them or want to be them. 'Nuff said. The end. Nada.

Just kidding.

The thing that distinguishes Q from every other nerdy male protagonist going after the ├╝ber-cool, out-of-the-league girls is that I don't have that big of an issue with him (I mean, besides the fact that he wanted to play the white knight who'll save Margo and etc.). Miles Halter, aka 'Pudge'? Passive, but still relatable. Colin Singleton? Hard to relate to. Augustus Waters? Unnecessarily extravagant, but still likeable.

He's socially isolated, allowing him to see the world as Margo sees it. He can be wrong-minded (and often is) but you can really see him try to be good, and there's nothing in the world that makes me forgive a character faster then good intentions. If you know Nick Dunne from Gone Girl, I hope you know what I mean, because that's the best example I can give you.

Out of all JG's male protagonists, he was the most real (stay with me, grammar-lovin' folks). I suppose I like a sprinkle of realism in books even if they are in the sci-fi or fantasy genre. Fictional settings are great, but I want to read about realistic people. I suppose someone like Miles could exist, but I think Q struck me as a real, fleshed-out person.

I assume Augustus was the most popular pick. Great character, but I hope you can understand why Q's equally as awesome (if not more).




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  2. nat wolff??? wasnt he already in tfios???? WHAAAAT omg

    1. Yeah. Wolfie's making a comeback >:)