the classical complex

This is one of my favourite piano pieces. It's light and sweet and crisp, like a lime tart. It's a tune that would come out a jewelry box. It's classical. (You can listen to it here).

Many of my friends don't like classical music, which is perfectly acceptable. I didn't like it until I was around fourteen years-old. Before, I listened to a lot of classical rock music―The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen―and pop. Classical music wasn't exciting, didn't have lyrics, made me feel like I was my grandma, who would have moments of nostalgia triggered by classical pieces.

I don't know if this is because I started playing the piano more frequently, but I got into the classical genre, especially piano and violin pieces. I began to notice instruments more clearly than ever before. I could focus on various instruments and identify them, and I never knew how complex a song really was until I was able to do this. Although I'm mostly an alternative/rock person, there's something about classical music that drew me to it. Sometimes I liked listening to a drawn-out note on the cello, or a scatter of allegro keys played by a pianist.

Am I talking sense? Let me know if you've had any experiences like this. I'm still not sure whether this is because I started taking piano more seriously or because I matured. I don't know. I'm sane, I swear!

―jo, who is (probably) sane



  1. what a beautiful piece; one i am honored to be able to play on my own. do not worry - you are talking perfect sense. i have had this experience over and over and its wonderfully refreshing.
    i think its a combination of both, one appreciates anything more when they realize how complicated it is. but also, when one grows older and matures they tend to start picking apart music and figuring out what is true talent and what is not. (at least, that is what i have experienced) classical music is certainly true talent and it takes a noble and listening ear to hear that it is some of the best music ever written. (and to know that that is why it is still being listened to today)

    1. I think you're right; people have a natural curiousity for complicated things, just look at sales for books/movies/art that have multiple layers to them. I'm glad you liked the piece...good music sells, but great music outlast their artists.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. I have experienced this before, to be honest. Growing up my dad would listen to classical rock songs in the car, so I grew up singing and know who ABBA and Prince were. I did also listen to pop songs, too-- Jason Mraz, Train, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift-- the songs from the 2009-2012 period were some of my favorites, too. Then, once I started taking orchestra I did listen to more classical music, and I love it. :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes! I loved Taylor Swift during that period, her music was top notch. I'm glad you appreciate it too :)