why i like school (and why people are surprised to hear it)

I never understood why my friends didn't like school.

For me, school was the getaway from the happy but dull, privileged yet predictable life at home.

I love home and my family, I do, but I never went outside much, nor did I feel the need to, so home began to feel like what school felt to my friends. (Have I just invented a paradox?) I was also an only child.

Tick, tock.
I realise I may sound ungrateful for my privileged life. Others that are not as fortunate don't have homes to return to, let alone homes with as many books and such as I have. I want to make this very clear: I'm extremely grateful for what I have. I think and feel it everyday.

But I'm a bumblebee at heart; I'm happiest when I'm busiest. And maybe this is what I didn't realise when I was a child, that this was unconventional where I lived but not strange, and that it was okay.

Just as a pet needs regular physical exercise, I needed mental exercise. I couldn't (and can't) stand idleness eating away at my brain, and school, although it was compulsory, never really felt like a burden even when assessments and revision books piled atop my desk like a rudimentary tower. A good challenge forced the gears in my brain to turn and unlock a much human desire to gain knowledge.

Of course, not everything about school is sunshine and daisy chains. Especially because in Australia, you're still required to do PE EVEN IN HIGH SCHOOL. For two years. I Really?

I'm not fond of Maths, or History, or any subject with a teacher that tends to drone a bit. And there are always teachers that can't help but dislike me, and I can't help but dislike them. Usually its because they flaunt or abuse their power over students and demand their respect, which is the one thing I can't stand, honestly. Don't you agree that respect should be earned?

Whoever's reading this, I hope you're doing well. Trust that things will work out soon if they haven't already (like bad grades) with some effort on your part.



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