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During my years of high school debating, I noticed a few things:
  1. Not everything is black or white.
  2. Most of us in debating assumed it was, and debated according.
The same goes for people. The human race isn't as simple as black or white (I don't mean races), men or women, good or evil.

For example, I learned last year (thanks, tumblr) that people identified themselves as all kinds of genders. Not sex, as in male and female, but genders (cultural differences rather than biological ones). 

Like, there are some people out there who are gender fluid, which is feeling like a mix of the male and female genders; some days they feel more like a male, and other days a female. INTERESTING.

It took me some time to understand and accept there were people who identified themselves as neither male or female, or both. I'd grown used to binary worldviews that, although easier to wrap my head around, only showed a portion of the picture. 

But it shows how wonderfully diverse we are as humans, and there are many, many factors that determine who we are and what choices we will end up making. 

How can a person with good intentions do bad things? How can a person with bad intentions do good things? How can someone be both male and female? How can someone be neither male nor female? How can a villain end up saving the world? And how can a hero end up destroying it?

These are just some of the questions I ask myself every now and then.



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