a bullet through crowns (ii. royal business)

"Go on, Louie, an' I'll be followin' behind," said a voice from the bushes. Of course, it was not the bushes speaking but rather Crow, who was hiding in it.

"What do I say?" Elisabeth muttered.

Brown eyes peeked from the foliage. "I saw you talkin' to one of them royalty children. Use her as an excuse."

"Yes, but..." she hesitated. There was something Crow didn't know, and Elisabeth intended him not to find out. She started to climb the stairs to the palace when a guard stopped her.

"State your business!" he barked. Then, his eyes widened in recognition. "Miss Elisabeth?" he inquired, "Do you wish to see Her Highness?" She nodded, suddenly embarrassed of her connection to the royal family. Turning around, she saw no sign of Crow.

She was led up the stairs and through a complicated maze of passages until the guard paused outside a room. Seeing no familiar black hair, she looked down both ends of the hallway, but stopped when the guard gave her a questioning look. He gave three smart raps on the door.

The door opened, and on the other side of it stood a girl that appeared ordinary. Her dark brown hair cascaded down to the collar of her dress, which was a fashionable blue colour but fitted her uncomfortably. She stood proud with her chin up and shoulders back, but relaxed as she saw her guest. "Louise!" she yelled in delight, "I wasn't expecting you for a month!" Elisabeth found herself trapped in a hug. With a change of tone, she said, "Phillip?" An order, not a question.

Phillip the guard bowed his head. "Yes, Princess Claudia," he said, turning around and walking away from the pair.

"So," Claudia demanded, "how have you been, sis?"

Before Elisabeth could reply, she was interrupted.



Crow was in the room behind Claudia.

"Crow!" she cried. At the same time, Claudia shouted, "Intruder! Guar―", but Crow, quick as a flash, clasped his hand to her mouth. "Mff!" said Claudia angrily, her voice muffled.

"Crows not an intruder," Elisabeth began hastily, "He―I don't know. How did you get up here?" she addressed Crow, who released Claudia.

Shrugging, he said, "Once I distracted the guards, it was easy. I climbed up to the balcony which happened to be yours, funny that." No one spoke, and Elisabeth heard shouting―presumably the guards―below. He grinned, then scowled. "But what's this about you bein' a bloody royal?"

Miffed, Elisabeth began to explain rapidly. "Well, the King married Princess Katherine who is Claudia's mother, but he ran away to be with my mother until his duty called him back." She privately remarked on how different they looked, although they were blood-related. While Elisabeth appeared soft with her blond curls and round cheeks, Claudia was all angles and shadows and dark brows.

Claudia took over. "We can't have people knowing or they'll be throwing tomatoes at my father." When Crow let out a burst of laughter, she said, "I'm serious, you know! That's what happened to the last King who cheated on his wife." Elisabeth looked down at her feet.

At last, Crow replied, "Huh." Then he walked outside to the balcony. "Coming or what?" he called to Elisabeth.

She was stunned at how normally Crow reacted. "What do you think you're doing?" she sputtered.

He stared at her, eyebrows arched. "Climbing to the roof, of course."



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  2. I love this. :) It's just excellent. All the built up tension and then it's all for naught. Elouise is the one who is stunned not Crow. :)

    1. Thanks! I like your interpretation of it :)

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