a bullet through crowns (iii. the last peace)

Of course, there was no way Elisabeth could ever hope to climb to the roof, even if it were a just a few meters away. She navigated the stairs, accompanied by a guard, until she reached the highest balcony. She let out an exhilarated puff and leaned against the rail.

"You finally made it!" Elisabeth turned. Crow hung from the roof above the balcony by only his toes, so that he appeared upside-down. Elisabeth gaped at him, dumbfounded, although she was admittedly impressed as well. She decided to ignore his superior tone and instead looked out the balcony.

"Huh," she muttered, "it's not much of a sight, is it?" The castle cast a shadow upon the square below.

"Pah! Not when you look at it like that!" he cried. His sharp eyes focused on something beyond, which made Elisabeth do the same.

In the distance, everything was bathed in golden light from the afternoon sun. The tallest towers were illuminated, and every detail was visible. The lighting was subtle, not flashy or flamboyant, and Elisabeth relaxed slightly at the sight of it.

A rattling sound distracted her. Crow pulled out a golden pendant with a green gem at its center from his vest pocket. He stared at it intently. "What's that?" Elisabeth asked.

She swore she glimpsed a flash of pain in Crow's eyes, but she must have been imagining things, because he then replied brightly, "Just a piece a' junk, this is!"

Without any warning, he threw it as far as he could. It sailed past the courts, and Elisabeth saw a flash of gold before it disappeared in a tree. Their spirits soared as they watched it fly.

Much later, Elisabeth wondered if the incident with the pendant had been symbolic, because it had been their last moment of peace before the world began to crumble.



  1. I love this. Crow is such an interesting character. May I ask if this is from a WIP of a novel? Or is it a short story? Sorry, I haven't been around here that long. :P

    1. Thank you! It's a short story of my own invention. And it's okay :)

  2. Oooh, the suspense. I honestly loved this piece so much, Jo. And that picture is really neat.
    I just awarded you the Summer Bucket List Tag on my blog, and I'd be honored if you'd do it =)

    1. Thanks!
      Whaaat? A tag? I'll try my best to do it, thanks for nominating me :) I ran out of posts, anyway...