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Hello! Sorry I'm a day late, I've been so busy recently, you don't even know! Wait, yes you do (if you're in school). I've had 3 assignments all due within a week or two week, with the added joy of studying for 2 tests! Absolute joy!

Back when I used to have a Tumblr account, I started collecting bits and pieces of things on tumblr that made me smile or laugh or blown-away or shout "that's damn right!" like some old man waving his cane. So I arranged some of my old finds with a few new finds in this post, for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Ughh, Tangled. And people say Frozen is the first Disney movie with a super-cool ass-kicking heroine and arrogant/charming hero? Not that Tangled was the first, either, but y'know.

Thought these were paintings? I thought so too!
This is art to a whole new level. People never cease to amaze me...

Birds with arms. I don't know and I'm so sorry. :')

This is actually a great idea. It reminds me of this idea of a video game where you play as a hero who does more and more questionable things as the game goes on and the plot gets darker and darker, until you realise that you've actually been playing the villain all along. I wonder if this is the same person who thought of that?

*strumming* drrrm drrm duh-drrm drrrm drrm. This makes me smile. :)

Hello, is this the ambulance? Uh huh. Yeah, I think my heart just melted.
Also, DOGS .


Mhmm. Finally someone said it.

This made me cry a little bit and laugh a lot. Just watching their reactions seeing new colours for the first time. I really want to be alive when scientists create glasses that allows us to see even more colours, like the middle colour of red and green.

Sir...I don't think that was a bus that you just took. :')

I'll post a whole lot of cool stuff soon, I promise. Goodbyee.
- me



  1. Those were great! :') I love Tangled.

  2. These were the best. Loved the colorblind set; made me smile. ^-^

    1. Thanks :) it was great to see their reactions.

  3. Tangled is better than frozen. But that's just my preference. :) the puppies and the kid! Omgoodness. SO adorable it made my day! The colorblind gif set is probably one of my favorite things on the Internet...

    1. Agreed. I'm glad you liked the gifsets!

  4. Those colourblind GIFs,......ohmygod I think I might die ♡
    Also, the Tangled gifs were so funny...Rapunzel was so my reaction when someone says a book I recommend to them was awesome :)

    1. I know! :')
      That's actually a great use for the gif, though.