update i

Hey! I've got lot of important things to announce here in this weekly update. Shall point?

  • I changed the design again! I'm obsessed with's a disease. Anyway, it's a winter theme because here in Australia its about as cold as the sun (aka not hot at all), and it's probably due to global warming, which really, really sucks. I, for one, love the cold. Who likes being red, sunburnt, hot, sweaty and hayfevery all at once? No one. Anyway, expect more changes!

  • A Bullet Through Crowns is going to continue, and the stories will interrupt the current flow of posts every three days.

  • The noticeboard is back up! It notifies you about things that aren't substantial or important enough to make it onto the big, mummy-size column. So it stays in the kiddy column.

Anyway, that's about it for the updates. I borrowed The Lord of the Rings at my school library and I was so excited to read it because TLotR is my favourite movie series of all time and I loved the Hobbit book and movie. One problem. Whoever donated it must've been about 500 years old because it smelled like crazy. It's a whole new level of BO (book Okay).

My actual face when I opened the book
On the brighter side, I was checking out my blog stats and I was able to find out where my recent traffic had been from (thanks, Google). That means, which websites people clicked on to discover my blog. Which led me to this blog by my friend Abby.

Just another day scrolling through Abby's blog...*whistling*
Wait...WHAT IS THIS?!?!

I just wanted to say thank you so much, Abby! Not only has this affected me, it has affected my blog stats which is pretty good deal, I'd say.

That's about it for the updates! Be free and on your way, kind reader.

—jo :)



  1. Your header picture is so pretty!

    1. Thanks! I had to mess around with it a lot to get it right :')