writer's block

The air was alive with unspoken words. Sheets of blank paper drifted lazily in the darkness. The writer let out a sigh. Nothing had happened on this uneventful night, but that was about to change. She took a sip of cold-brewed coffee and began to walk.

A sorcerer in scarlet robes materialized next to her. From his palm sprouted purple flames, which he directed at a knight leaping into the night, readying his sword for a kill. Oddly enough, they both collapsed into each other and scrunched inwards, as if they were made of foil. The writer moved on.

Planes whizzed by overhead and she strolled on, and an army of soldiers, battle-worn but grim, rushed towards her in a wave of khaki uniforms. She brushed past them angrily, shouldering those who got in her way without the slightest sign of guilt. As she looked back, she saw a black line dripping with ink streaking across the entire group, and they evaporated at once. Still, she went about her business.

The writer came across a boy and a girl, both extraordinarily beautiful, Blue eyes locked onto brown, and they bridged the gap between them with their hands, each one entwined with the other's. But they were also never to be, and so the image of them was swept away with a swish, like a leaf carried by the wind.

By then, the writer had become increasingly upset. She vented her frustrations by articulating with her hands in odd movements. As she did this, the darkness folded in on itself like origami paper and became a black crane, which promptly flew away. The world was replaced by white.

She came to stop and sat down on the white floor, tired from the journey. A reflection appeared, gazing back at her. Then—a sudden thought—it was all she needed.

"Now that's an idea," she said.


Hi, all.

I'd like to thank a friend of mine who suggested I write about writer's block. This isn't probably what he had in mind, but oh well. Thanks!



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    1. Like the boy and the girl? ;) thanks!

  2. This is great! Well done Jo! :) :) :)

    By the way, thanks for following my blog. Much appreciated!

  3. I love this! It is so true.

    You have a way with words.

  4. OKAY I LOVE THIS POST BUT /////////your blog design it's so gorgeous i cannot even/////////////

    1. also. this post cuts to the quick of your mind, it's so brilliant. aaah.

    2. Abby! You're back :O
      Also thanks :')