summer bucket list tag (epilepsy warning!)

Summer! It's so far away (it's Autumn here in Australia). It's not even my favourite season, but it's a pretty sweet time to complete a bucket list. So I'll won't talk about the heat (thanks, climate change), and instead I'll do this tag, which I was nominated for by Autumn over at Autumn's Readings & Writings (thanks!).


Write 15 things that you want to do this summer (if you can't think of 15 that's ok) and publish it in a post. 

Insert this picture:

Nominate 4 other people to do the tag.


1. go on an adventure
I saw this on Autumn's list as well. I've always wanted to have this epic, life-changing adventure. And I don't mean sky-diving or anything like that; I mean actual, exploring/discovering adventure, hopefully with danger involved (>:)).

2. learn how to cook
I like to know that I can live by myself. I can cook? Well, then I'm all set. It's quite fun, too.

Oh, boy. I've always wanted to go to the US, to see New York City lights and California beaches and Times Square. American popular culture really did their job well to convince me. I want to go to this place "where dreams are made", as they say.

4. make someone's day
...and I don't mean a small, passing act of niceness. I want to do something big for someone that I care about a lot, something they'll never forget. Everyone deserves something like that in their lives. that I can get an idea of where I'm heading in a few years.

5. watch my baby lemon tree grow
I'm not going to, like, stare at it 24/7 or anything. I just want to see it bloom into this huge, badass tree by the time summer comes. I sound like a hippie right now, but I really will be excited once I see some lemons (plus, biology person here. I have an affinity for living things).

6. go to cold rock
I've never been! It's an ice cream place...I have to go!

7. have a red vs blue marathon
deviantART by this person
You should, too. It's a free webseries, available on YouTube (channel Red vs. Blue) or 

8. go to comic con, supernova or rtx
All the people who can't go to Comic Con.
9. see a concert
Preferably Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Beyonce, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, One Republic, The Script, or Lindsey Stirling (all the other artists I like are dead/broken up...The Beatles and Queen, anyone?). Taylor Swift came to Australia recently, and I wish I went to that. 

10. keep blogging
Summer is for fun, not work. But blogging isn't work.

11. go sailing
Water is my element, guys. 

12. actually, finally learn All of Me by John Legend on the piano
...after I've mastered my current song.

13. find a secret hiding place
You know those places in books that characters accidently stumble upon? And it turns out it's safe and a great place to hide and have all to yourself? One of those.

14. write a note in a bottle
...and then send it away. Hopefully scientists in the future discover it and think it's a page in one of history's best books, or something.

15. make a "which divergent faction are you in?" program
So I've tried the Divergent faction test on their official Facebook page, and the one on their website, and they both don't seem very accurate. I know that's weird considering that they made the whole movie series. I've made a "would you survive in The Hunger Games?" thing, so I think I'll do the same for Divergent.

I nominate:
Abby from Listless
Ashley from [insert title here]
Opal from Opal Swirls
Cindy from Open Your Eyes and See

...and you (please, you) if you want to do it!

Thanks for reading. :)



  1. I love your bucket list :) It would definitely so awesome to just make someone's life a little bit brighter.

    1. Thanks, it definitely would :)

  2. I had some interesting thoughts about summer but then I saw "baby lemon tree" and all I can think now is I WANT SO MUCH. Also, biology people for the win *high-fives* And definitely keep blogging ;P

    1. YES! *returns high five*
      Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Great list! Thanks for nominating me :)
    A baby lemon tree sounds cute!! (And Biology person here!) Also, a concert is big yes :)

    1. No problem :)
      It's cute. The leaves smell like lemons. ;)
      Glad you agree about the concert!

  4. This sounds great! I will definately do it, thank you so much for nominating me. Very much appreciated ! <3

    1. No problem! Have fun doing it :)

  5. Hi! I just found your blog. I hope you will check out my blog and follow it by email!!! I hope you will leave an email, too. :) Please follow me.
    God bless you!

    1. I'll check it out sometime :)

  6. I'm SOO excited for summer, and I love reading this tag that is going around! :)

  7. ASDFGHJKL ARCTIC MONKEYS AND COLDPLAY AND ONEREPUBLIC okay sorry I just got a little excited but those are my bandssss and you have a perf taste in music ♥

    I replied to your comment on my "Button Swap" page and I'm totally gonna grab your button and follow now! ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. You also have top taste, my friend. :)

      Thanks for the button and for following!

  8. This sounds like fun! Thanks for the tag. :)

    #15 You have to tell me when you do this! I would so take the test! Divergent is one of my favorites.

    I love #14. And concerts. Concerts are awesome.

    1. It will probably be a cheap Powerpoint thing :') but sure.

      Concerts are indeed awesome. Hope the tag works out!

  9. Ooh, these are great goals and I hope you reach them all! The U.S.A. is probably the nearest and dearest to my heart (cuz I live there) but I also feel sad because it's the 50 states not just New York and California. :( (I'm just jealous of the attention they get, that's all. XD) Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting to accomplish all these things, and have a lovely summer when it catches up with you.

    1. Awh, all the other states are cool, too. :) i suppose it's popular culture making us feel this way.

      Thanks, hope you have a good summer as well!

  10. I love the name of your blog, the bear thing is so awesome! To be honest your whole blog is :)

  11. thx for following my blog! Your blog is completely lovely. :)