two of my theories about humans

Humans are great, but I could not resist putting this in.

First off, sorry for not posting for two weeks! Blame the exams. I think I did fairly well on most of my exams (IT, Science, English, Maths), but then I ran out of time on some (Politics, History). I mean, who puts essay responses in a 80 minute exam? You have to write an essay. IN 20 MINUTES (because the other questions are pretty long).

Anyway, here are some of my theories on humans. Enjoy!

1. We like qualities that we have.

EDIT: a lot of you have misunderstood what I meant here (my fault, sorry if I wasn't clear enough!). When I say that we like the qualities that we have, I mean that the personality traits that we like in ourselves are the ones we appreciate in others. NOT that we like people similar to us (again, sorry I didn't make that clear).

I think myself as a creative person as opposed to logical (or at least, I try to be. It's harder to reflect this in the blogging world). Anyway, this is possible why I hate copying. I hate people who take a fairly original idea (but then again, is anything truly original anymore?) that I came up with and rekindle it as their own.

I also get annoyed when people copy down my assignments or things for school (and I'm forced to block it with my arm). I mean, I took a week or two to really nail my assessment, and you're getting it in five minutes? No, man, that's not cool with me.

Also, I get bored when people display a lack of passion about...anything. Care about abortion? Strongly believe in vegetarianism? Believe that the current social norms are pretentious and should be eliminated? Have an opinion on something controversial? Sweeeet.

I'm not trying to start beef with anyone, by the way. If you copy or have a lack of passion, that's cool! It just, you know, might be a source of disinterest/annoyance for me, sometimes.

But hey, I'm not perfect myself. People will definitely find a problem with my uncomfortable directness and brutal honesty. And my strong opinions. And my aloofness and pride. Oops, now I sound quite problematic, actually. Better go hide in my hole.

2. We have a tendency to follow the leader.

The world doesn't necessarily need more leaders. We need more thinkers.

This is what I really mean when I say 'leader'—I mean status quo, definitions, opinions, political correctness, etc. Anything that involves us believing without mulling it over in our own heads. I say 'us' because I'm guilty of it (thanks, Tumblr), and maybe you've been guilty of it at one point.

Just today I was arguing with someone about what was 'racist'. The person in question said people who were African, Latino, etc. should not be known as a colour (black, brown, etc) and instead by their politically correct names (African-American, Latin-American).

I thought there was no issue in using colours as describing words for people (if someone talks about the current police shootings of black people in North America, I believe it's fine), as long as they are not used to discriminate or ostracize people in a way that purposely makes them uncomfortable. It's debatable, you don't have to agree.

He, on the other hand, grew up with the belief that racism is dead wrong (which IT IS), just as I did. But I think he took this message as "no acknowledging the existence of other races except using euphemisms, as this generates discrimination", as many people do. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Political correctness is in many ways more prominent today than evaluating the consequences. Sometimes, it is wrong if we are taught it is wrong, not because it hurts people, not because it doesn't promote equality or basic human rights. Sometimes, it is simply ingrained it us. Most of the time, it's not our fault. And I want to help change that by making people think for themselves, not by changing opinions.

Well, that got political real fast! I can't help it guys. I'm very ranty. Thanks for pushing through, though.

So what did you think of my theories? Did you agree/disagree with them? Do your own personal experiences show otherwise? You know what to do. :) 



  1. Hmm, this is very interesting, and definitely true to some extent. I definitely work better with people who have similar characteristics to myself, but at the same time too many similar personalities would definitely clash. So even the people we think we dislike may be a necessary mitigating force. And "thinkers" are definitely important -- the existence of debate is more important than debate itself sometimes.

    1. Absolutely. If we were all the same personality, that would set the human race back by a lot. That's a good quote. I'm glad you agree with my theories. :)

  2. Haha I love "that got political real fast"! Made me laugh.~

    Love this post, Jo! It annoys me when people have a lack of interesest or passion for stuff, too. You're a human and you should care about something! but I also understand if people aren't always willing to share their opinion.

    Thinkers are really quite rare, and I regret to admit that I don't think enough. Mindlessly following leaders or the norm is safe, but extremely silly. You can't build up your own feelings and views without simply thinking.

    There's nothing wrong with referring to coloured people either way, although I find that 'African-American' is not actually accurate -not all dark skinned people are African-American.

    X Yasmine//Cloudy

    1. :')

      I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I understand if they keep it to themselves. I suppose it's hard to tell whether someone is passionate about something. But then again, speaking about it is just one way to show it. I guess I just like it when people care about art or video games or culinary dishes. :)

      I'm guilty of that as well, but I've been watching myself recently. Yeah, what if they're not American? Or African? You're right. :D

  3. I do like to be around people with similar interests/qualities as me. But also, I like people who are different from me; they open my mind to things I may have never considered, because they have different experiences, personalities, and thought processes than I do. There might be a lot of misunderstanding going in the beginning though. I do like people who are passionate about things too. But I've come to understand that even if you're passionate and care about things, you're probably not to have enough energy to care about EVERYTHING (also it's hard to stay well-informed on everything. . .). Most of my acquaintances probably know very little about what I'm passionate about that; they get the shy me. While my close friends know what I will rant and ramble about.

    YES! Thinkers! We need more people who think. Even if you believe what you've been taught all your life that is okay. As long as that is not why you believe it. You should believe because you, yourself, have thought this through and challenged it through all angles and are completely convinced that this is the truth. I fall into the snare of not thinking sometimes too. Sometimes it's easier to swallow things whole instead of questioning it. But often times I'm a bit skeptical and don't really trust the sources that tell me things.

    Political correctness is safe. . . but kind of overrated.

    1. Absolutely! I love difference of personalities. I should've clarified what I meant, which was that we tend to hold in high esteem the (good) qualities that we have. But of course, differences are crucial if we want to learn. I hope what I said didn't come across as anything less. :)

      Yeah, I agree with you. It's hard to care about everything. It's why I don't mind if soemone has one or multiple passions, whatever they may be. I know everyone does have a passion, but I find it admirable when people are able to voice this or express it and make it known another way (this way, I know they have a passion) instead of just sitting on the fence and waiting to see where the majority goes. Do you see what I mean?

      Thinkers! Yes, you make great points. It's so easy to just accept things. I tend to be a bit skeptical, too.political correctness is definitely overrated. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I definitely think that people follow the leader; I've noticed especially in my own actions that I really don't like being the first person to do something, and the first person who does something tends to be that leader we're looking for. However, I don't think we always appreciate people with the same qualities we have. I mean, values, yes—I mean, I really value honesty and try to be honest myself, so I also like it when other people are honest with me. However, as a "quality" per se... I mean, I have brown hair, and that's a quality, but I don't necessarily like blond people any less. Or, I'm really good academically, but that also doesn't mean I can't have meaningful and awesome friendships who are smarter in other areas of life. I don't think I disagree with you, I think I would just rather use the word "value" than "quality," although I don't know if you define those words differently in your own dictionary. Both are interesting theories, though!

    1. Yeah, that's a better word for it. By 'quality' I meant personaility traits/qualities. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

      Thanks. :)

  5. Hm... this is true in a way. For the first one, personally, I don't agree. Maybe I'm just used to looking at people who are better than me or I hold myself up to a high standard. I don't HATE the qualities I have but I'm constantly wishing I were better. Whenever soemone is like "what do you think of yourself" I'm like... I'm okay. I guess. I just have an indifference towards something because I don't want anything getting to my head

    1. Do you blame self-esteem? Or do you just want to improve yourself? I like your views. I think we like particular qualities subconsciously, because we have them. It doesn't have to be all of our qualities, just to clarify. I kind of meant that the qualities we have that we like are the ones we appreciate in others. Sorry if that wasn't clear. :)

  6. It makes me sad when people get caught up in saying the 'right' thing, rather than saying what they think. You can't get through life pleasing everyone and saying the 'right' thing. It also really upsets me when people shut down debate. For me, arguing about idea's is how I develop. Without thinking and discussing idea's, we start to become some sort of scary dystopian world where everyone just does what they are told.

    Defiantly an interesting topic :)

    1. Definitely. I hate it when people shut down debate, too, especially if it's when they're targeting someone who is ignorant or uneducated (which is not their fault unless they want to remain that way). Maybe this is how The Hunger Games was formed (everyone just sends their children to THG). :O

      Thanks, Opal. :)

  7. #1 YESSS.
    this post was somewhat enlightening. even though it might be considered okay to call people by their colour, i want to call them by where they are from. that makes much more sense.
    brilliantly put :')

    1. :D
      Yeah, I prefer doing that, too. But in times when you're referring to a collective (so maybe, the history of racism in Australia), I wouldn't say it's 'wrong'. But I agree, if I know where they are from when referring to their race, I'll use the term. Because I prefer being referred to as Korean rather than Asian or "Oriental".
      Thanks. :')

  8. Okay, okay. When I saw the post title on my feed, I was like, I AM GONNA LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH YESSSSS. And I DO love it very much :)
    Especially what you said about the world needing more thinkers. TRUE THAT. I cannot think of how many times I've just blindly followed someone because of peer pressure or just wanting to fit in, and then regretting it later. I mean, I can go my own way too.

    1. Thanks, Autumn! :D
      Yeah, same here. It's easier to accept I suppose, which explains why all of us have a tendency to do this at some point. You can very well go your own way, heck yeah! :')

  9. Hiya! I have nominated you for the one and only Creative Blogger Award - because you are a Creative Blogger! xoxo

  10. Thank you! I'm happy you think I am, Miss Internet. :)