what do the 2 best films of 2015 have in common? (guest post by kriti)

(No spoilers!)
Of course, I'm talking about Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

How similar can these two films really get? I mean one is set in a galaxy far, far away and another in...Australia? But even the setting is the same, really, both films are set in a sci-fi future world which is some sort of dystopia.

The nostalgia is so real.
Let's begin with the obvious.

First, they're both sequels (refer to earlier post about the top movies of 2015, most of them are sequels).

This latest installment of the Mad Max franchise comes 20 years after the previous one and 36 after the first Mad Max film. Similarly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released 10 years after its last movie and 38 after its first installment.

Except this time around, both of these films rock some badass female protagonists, and there's no doubt that this contributes to their success.

But did one triumph the other?  I say: not necessarily.

Both of these films are equally as good. After watching Mad Max, I thought the Fury Road was it: the best film of 2015. But after seeing The Force Awakens premiere I was torn. 

I've seen all of the Star Wars films and all of the Mad Max films, but I must admit if you asked me for the total plot summary of Star Wars I wouldn't have been able to give it to you. (*gasp!*)

I was afraid this would mean I wouldn't know what was going on in this new film (this didn't happen, I actually knew what was happening with no real prior knowledge or context!)

In fact this film has completely inspired me to go back and re-watch and re-live this epic tale. I wasn't super sure about either of these films, because they are sequels (and late ones at that).                

Sequels are rarely as good as the originals but these defy the trend, and the sheer amount of time spent waiting for these movies wasn't an issue.

Also I wasn't super keen about seeing the new and "shiny" Star Wars, I though it would lose its charm as film tech had improved, but this wasn't the case (it's still awesome).

The conclusion? Both are awesome films overall and definitely worth a see.

What did you think of the recent Star Wars film? Let us know what you thought of these or any other films of 2015 in the comments!



  1. STAR WARS WAS SO GOOD THOUGH. I didn't watch Fury Road, but I was very surprised at how excellent SW7 turned out. That said, I think it was overrated by critics. The badass ladies were definitely fab -- loved Rey, looking forward to Phasma and Leia playing a larger role next time round. KYLO REN THOUGH. HAN SOLO THOUGH. *seals lips before I reveal spoilers*

    1. Exactly, *seals lips before I reveal spoilers*, I too look forward to the forth-coming movies and I have a feeling about Han too...

  2. They are both awesome.
    The new Star Wars isn't as shiny as the last trilogy - it goes back to its roots with the first trilogy and remembers that space is just as dirty and gritty as anywhere else. It had a lot in common with the first trilogy, but I think that was JJ Abrams' love letter to the fans. He gave them what they wanted.
    As for Fury Road - it just blew me away. It was The Road Warrior on acid times a hundred. And for me, it does edge out The Force Awakens as the best film.
    I went to see Fury Road twice in the theater. I just might see Force Awakens twice as well...

    1. I totally agree, the grittiness of The Force Awakens was definitely a throwback to the 1st trilogy and this has undeniably contributed to its huge success. Fury Road, did the same it kept its brutality through the newer special effects.

  3. I haven't seen any of these films, so I really have no grounds for a comment, haha. However, I will say that I love that you pointed out the presence of strong female characters. That's always a good sign that movies have progressed!

    1. Yes! Tops to Kriti for that. :) It's great that not only can the female leads look after themselves, but they actually have a personality! Instead of just being another 'strong female' trope.

  4. I just saw Terminator Genisys, lot of similarities there too. Strong female lead, dystopian future,a sequal... (ok this is Déjà vu) But it's also a great movie.