We like to believe we write our own histories. This is mine.

I was born in South Korea and moved to Melbourne, Australia when I was four. Eventually I ended up in Sydney after spending ten years in the capital with my family. Mostly I spend my time exploring the city's nooks and crannies, dreaming of financially unrealistic yet plausible adventures and planning my daily schedule around spending as much time with friends and those I love. Which, ironically, often means completing assessments vigorously so as to make my study breaks truly worth it.

This blog is a journal of sorts that I'll look back on in a few years - and hopefully I'll be in a strong, happy enough state to have a good sense of humour it. It's a collection of thoughts, memories, experiences and lessons from myself and people I think are worth listening to. Be it good or bad, my hope is that regardless, you'll listen, learn and become a little bit wiser, kinder and better than the person you imagine yourself to to be.